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Update February 2014: The Hall of Doors Series has been picked up by Solstice Publishing. They will do all five books (The Mountains of the Moon, The Door in the Sky, The Mirror Door, The Secret Door, The Water Door)  as ebooks first, and then POD. J.W. Kalin's wonderful illustrations will still be included. It's possible the first three books will be produced in combination. 
Also in the works: Novelet-length stories "Fairy Gold," "A Differrent Kind of Hero," and "Molly the Beekeeper's Daughter" will be self-published soon; J.W. Kalin has done some beautiful cover art for me.
I'm working on the second book of my science fiction trilogy; "Fairy Gold" is a prequel to that story.
Update January 2013: Regarding the Hall of Doors books: Orchard House Press went out of business in the middle of editing book four, The Secret Door. Although I've been told that a successor, Blue Forge Press, will be picking up the contracts (including book five, The Water Door), it doesn't seem to be happening on schedule. I expect to be making a decision soon on what to do with the series. I do still have a few copies available of books 1-3, including the 3-in-1 hardcover version as well as the individual paperbacks, so contact me if you can't get it through Amazon. I'm currently working on another, much longer, YA series which is "very soft" science fiction.The "fairys" in this one are actually the indigenous inhabitants of the planet.

 Join me for a book signing at the PNWA Writers' Cottage in Issaquah on Saturday, Dec 17, 2011 from 1-4 PM.  I'll have copies of the new Hall of Door hardback available as well as the three paperbacks.  The address is 317 NW GilmanBlve, Issaquah, WA 98027.
4/27/11  Hall of Doors news:  Book three, The Mirror Door, is now available.  The contract for The Secret Door has not yet materialized.See the "extras" section for the extra scene, study guide, and author interview to accompany The Mirror Door. 
2/9/11  Hall of Doors news: The Orchard House website is still down, but both The Mountains of the Moon and The Door in the Sky are available at Amazon. The Mirror Door is edited and illustrated, so should be out soon.  Editor Cris tells me to expect a contract for book 4, The Secret Door, in a week or so.  I'm about halfway through book 5, tentatively called The Water Door.
Other writing stuff: Anita Donihue has finished her latest book, so we'll be back to looking for a home for the book we wrote together.
10/13/10  Orchard House Press reports that they will be updating Amazon.com listings soon, and that their web site will be down for maintenance.  In the meantime, I have a limited number of The Door in the Sky, so contact me if you want to purchase an autographed copy, or just don't want to wait on the web updates.  I sell them for $10 plus postage and include a generous helping of bookmarks with each shipment.  I don't do credit cards, but can take Paypal or you can mail a check.  I also have a few copies of The Mountains of the Moon at the same price.  Shipping is $5 for up to 6 books.
Book three, The Mirror Door, is completely illustrated.  We're hoping to have it out before the end of the year.  The publisher also has the manuscript for book four, The Secret Door.
Other writing news: artist JW Kalin and I have just put together a picture book called Windsong.   I'm checking into publishing options.  Still searching for an agent for Teeka, my YA series, and the novelette prequel to Teeka remains unsold. [sigh!]  It's a slow-moving business.
Don't forget to check out the FREE picture book (under free downloads) and the other free stories and poetry. 
12/07/09  Today I had an interview on Blog Talk Radio with Nanci Arvisu of Page Readers. 


 You also can access my interview on Hank Quense's blog  http://hankquense.com/blog/  (scroll down to November 13, but there's lots of other interesting stuff on the blog as well)

11/19/09  Still waiting for proofs on The Door in the Sky:(
The first draft of book four, The Secret Door, is finished and "simmering on the back burner" for a while before I put it out for critiques.  It does have unicorns, as promised, as well as a close approximation of the "wild and dangerous teddy bears" Maggie wanted. No aliens from outer space, though.  Sorry, Maggie, but I had to draw the line somewhere and space aliens just didn't fit. 
The book I wrote with Anita Donihue was submitted to a publisher--no word back yet.   "Fairy Gold", the prequel to my unpublished novel Teeka: Apprentice Healer was submitted to the Writers of the Future contest.

6/26/09  About time for an update!! Embarassed The Door in the Sky should be out in July, although I haven't seen the proofs yet, so maybe not.  I know they received the illustrations in May. Book three, The Mirror Door , is at the publishers, and the illustrator will start on it soon. Book four is still coming together in my head, but granddaughter Maggie has insisted it must have a unicorn.
Brief synopses: 
In The Mountains of the Moon,  Sammy (Samantha Jane) follows her cat BB (Princess Buttermilk Biscuit) up a moonbeam to a magical world, where she has to make adifficult decision.
In The Door in the Sky, Sammy joins Princess Selena for a ride on a dragon, and discovers she has the courage to solve two problems--Selena's and her own. 
The Mirror Door is a tribute to Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, with a few twists of my own.  Sammy survives a dangerous journey. solves a mystery, saves an alliance, and learns to control her temper.
Other writing news: Anita Donihue and I have finished our book about different aspects and types of home, and finding the blessings in all situations.  A few friends have looked over the manuscript with encouraging positive feedback, and we're in the process of putting together a proposal letter as we start our search for the right publisher.
For those following the long evolution of my novel, Teeka: Apprentice Healer, the latest version has been through intensive scrutiny by volunteers from the Critters writing workshop, and I'm heading into yet another rewrite.   This was my learning-to-write novel, and I'm determined to get it into shape and start a serious search for an agent.
5/9/08 - The publisher said yes!! Windstorm has accepted The Door in the Sky, book two in The Hall of Doors series. See Tea With The Black Dragon for more details.

9/4/07 - Welcome to my new and improved web page. Please feel free to explore, and don't forget to sign the guest book.

If you purchased (or are thinking of purchasing) The Mountains of the Moon and tried unsuccessfully to find all the nifty "extras" I told you about, be sure to check out the "extras" section. Windstorm (now Orchard House Press) still hasn't got around to posting them.

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