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Hall of Doors Book Series
Originally conceived as an "easy reader" transition from picture books to chapter books, the first five books in the series are written at third grade reading level and include an illustration with each short chapter. The original publisher, Orchard House Press (formerly Windstorm) also intended to use them as part of a home schooling program. Orchard House required lots of "extras" with their books. The intent was to post them on their website, and to give purchasers a code that would let them access the freebies. So much for good intentions. I've posted them here; no codes or purchase required. Help yourself.
The second publisher,Solstice Publishing, released two collections: one with books 1-3 and one with books 1-5. Both are out of print.
All six books are now indie-published, through CreateSpace and later Kindle Direct Publishing. I've included the extra scenes plus a bonus short story in each of the re-issued editions.

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In The Mountains of the Moon, Sammy's worried. Her cat has disappeared again. No one knows where Princess Buttermilk Biscuit (BB for short) goes on full-moon nights. Will she come back this time? Sammy follows BB up a moonbeam to a world of mist and moonlight. There she meets Selena, who lives in a beautiful fairy-tale castle. Sammy is fascinated by the Hall of Doors with its magical portals to other worlds. But the dreamlike adventure turns into a nightmare when Sammy is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Will she have the courage to make the right choice?

Bonus story: in Nolan's Fishy Adventure, a young boy takes his friends on a magical trip.

Mountains of the Moon extra scene

Mountains of the Moon author interview

Mountains of the Moon study guide

In The Door in the Sky, Sammy learns that love and friendship are stronger than fear, as she and Selena take a dragon ride and open a perilous spellbound treasure box.

Bonus story: in Margaret the Fox Dragon, co-written with Maggie Lewis, an abandoned cub finds the courage to seek and rescue her missing family.

The Door in the Sky extra scene

The Door in the Sky author interview

The Door in the Sky study guide

In The Mirror Door Sammy faces one challenge after another, including fire-spitting jabberwocks, carniverous “humpties,” and an aggressive dandelion. Can she solve the mystery that threatens to start a war? Most important of all, can she keep her temper?

Bonus story: Quarelling twins learn to cooperate in Half a Doll House.

The Mirror Door extra scene

The Mirror Door author interview

The Mirror Door study guide

In The Secret Door, Sammy feels as though her world has caved in when her mom has to move to another city to get work.  She grasps what may be her last chance to introduce her friend Kerri to Selena’s world, and the two are off on an exciting adventure to rescue BB and group of homeless refugees.  Their allies include shape-shifting elves who can turn into unicorns, and dragon-hunting, nomadic kizzees, who look a little like koalas.  Both the kizzees and the unicorns are exiles from Princess Selena’s home world, displaced by The Dark, and parties to an age-old feud, which complicates matters a little.

Bonus story: Tammy. AKA Princess Tamara, finds a magic ring and escapes her sickroom for A Small Adventure.

The Secret Door extra scene

The Secret Door author interview

In The Water Door, Sammy, her friend Kerri, little cousin Maggie and the cats cross the Sea of Storms to a distant island, where a family quarrel is about to erupt into a war. A young water dragon comes to the rescue when their trip is interrupted by a storm. Once they make it to the island, little Maggie is the hero of the day when she rescues a fairy child, assisted by helpful bees and a friendly python. (No extras were written for this book.)
Bonus story:  Amy learns to change her attitude in The Hailstorm.

The Forgotten Door is a middle grade novel, a bit longer than the other books in this series and with no interior illustrations. Twelve-year-old Sammy has made peace with her long-absent dad, and acquired a new sister in the process: a sheltered, timid eight-year-old. Things get interesting when she takes her sister along on a trip to the fairy worlds, and everything goes wrong. Can Sammy help Casey to overcome her fears? Will they even find their way home again? And if they do make it back, will the bad guys follow?

Bonus story: Annie summons all her courage to save her grandmother from a mysterious creature that refuses to stay in The Box.


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