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Crimson Cloak Charity Anthologies
All proceeds from the Crimson Cloak anthologies are donated to the charity selected for each book; authors' contributions are donated. However, each author is authorized to give away free Ebook editions, to showcase the various authors and raise awareness for the charities. Books are available for purchase on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other venues; see the publisher's page for more information.
Click on the book listings for FREE PDF copies. If you click a PDF link and nothing seems to be happening, it's probably in your download folder. Other formats are available for a few of the books, plus extra materials that I may add later. Reviews would be appreciated.

Book 1, Glodwyn’s Treasure Chest, is a collection of children’s stories benefitting the World Literacy Foundation. It includes my story, The Dragon Said Moo, in which a farm boy finds a novel way to control his city cousins.

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest PDF

Book 2, Steps in Time, is a collection exploring various aspects of time, and benefits Alzheimer’s Research, UK. It includes my story A Slip in Time (saves nine). The story was originally written as a contest entry, and was supposed to include the word “slip” so I had fun seeing how many times I could use the word in its myriad of meanings. Who knew embroidery could save lives?

Steps In Time PDF

Book 3, Love Matters, is—what else—filled with love stories of one sort or another, and benefits the International Children’s Heart Foundation. It includes my story, The Courtship of Gladys Pierson, in which a lady approaching middle age discovers the love she sought was right in front of her all along.

Love Matters PDF

Book 4, Consuming Tales, is filled with creepy Halloween stories and benefits World Child Cancer. I wrote a new story for this one, The Apple Witch—young girls playing around with what they think is harmless superstition.

Consuming Tales PDF

Book 5, Santa’s Little Helpers, Is full of Christmas crafts as well as stories for children of all ages. It benefits Action Against Hunger. My contribution was one of my daughter’s favorite bedtime stories, The Carousel Unicorn, who comes to life for the love of a little boy. The paper version was printed in two editions, one with black and white interior illustrations, and one (more expensive) with interior color.

Santa's Little Helpers PDF

Book 6, New Beginnings, is all about starting over and benefits Stop it Now, an organization fighting sexual abuse of children. My story, Out of Control, covers one pivotal day in the life of an abused wife. Described by the editor as “deliciously morbid” this one is not recommended for children.

New Beginnings PDF

Book 7, Tides and Tails, is mostly about oceans and beaches and benefits The La Habra Citrus Fair Youth Show. I contributed The Mystery of the Mermaid’s Missing Comb, written for a friend’s young granddaughter who didn’t like to comb her hair.             

Tides and Tails PDF

Book 8, Equine Adventures, is primarily horse stories, of course. It benefits the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, and features my story Alfred Dreams of Horses, about a mouse who wants to be a horse. It also introduces Grim the cat, an associate of a semi-retired fairy godmother.

Equine Adventures PDF

Book 9, Feline Fancies, is filled with cat stories and benefits Fixnation cat rescue. It includes my story Chasing Magic, which tells how Grim the cat became involved with a semi-retired fairy godmother.

Book 10, Den of Dragons, is all about dragons, of course. It includes the story "Margaret the Fox Dragon," which I co-authored with granddaughter Margaret Lewis.

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