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Healer's Apprentice

Fairy Gold   Be careful what you wish for...Angelina already has a gift. She can make herself invisible, or at least cause people not to notice her. But the gillys, the semi-mythical little people who befriend her, can do so much more. Angelina is certain she'll attain true happiness if only her "fairy" friends will give her one of their "magic" stones. As in most fairy tales, the results are not as suspected, but one can't really blame the gillys.   Adventure, true love, a dastardly villain, broken hearts and a seed of hope. Available in print and Kindle editions. A "prequel" to the Healer's Apprentice series.

To Heal a Broken Planet   Mix a regressed society, a former space colony recovering from a long ago disaster, with an off-world group searching for new medicines. Add the indigenous, telepathic "little people" to the mix, throw in a society of psychic healers, and maybe a cat with interesting friends. Narrow the focus to a special child who may or may not be the child of prophecy but at least has connections to all the others. The fate of her world may depend on the child learning the secrets of her past—if the darkest secret doesn't catch up with her first.

Into the Unknown   Teeka learns that a planet is much bigger than the three city-states she's familiar with as she sails into uncharted waters. Even more daunting is her venture into the world of her peers, as she tries to understand and navigate the world of young adults, teenage crushes, and proper etiquette.
Augmented by the dreamstone she carries, her psychic powers are growing stronger. Still she needs all her courage and ingenuity when she and her friends are kidnapped by pirates and carried by a storm to a land beyond the maps, where she deals with earthquakes and a volcanic eruption. Will the adventures never end?

The Stars Came Down   The prophecy says that Teeka will "mend the broken world" and "spread the gift of healing to the stars." She's already made a start bringing peace to her planet, although she has more challenges to overcome. But what if she couldn't go to the stars? Would the people from the stars come to her? And would they be friendly?

Now thirteen, Teeka faces more complications with her peers, as well as having her life turned upside down by various visitors from off-planet. Her life may never be the same again.

Dangerous Games    Chosen without her knowledge to be groomed as a “secret weapon” or troubleshooter by The Little Sisters of Charity, Teeka is thrust into the shadow world of interplanetary intrigue and conspiracy lacking information, her training still incomplete. Can she and companion Rico scramble fast enough to deal with one challenging situation after another? Ready or not…

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